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Here at Columbia NW Heating and Air Conditioning we don’t have salespeople.  As an independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ Dealer, our employees are professionally trained representatives.  It is our mission to offer not just a furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner alone. We offer a total comfort package that is designed specifically for you, your family, and your home.

What can I expect when a Trane Comfort Specialist™ comes to my home to give me a proposal tailored just for me at no cost?

Heat Load Calculation
  •  A heat load calculation is required to PROPERLY SIZE your comfort system.
  •  An OVERSIZED system will cost more to operate and fail to provide adequate moisture removal.
  •  An UNDERSIZED system will have a shorter than expected life and cost significantly more to operate.
Air Flow - Duct System
  •  Properly designed duct work is necessary for peak efficiency and reliability of your system.
  •  Age & quality of duct work affects your system’s performance.
Air Flow - Registers
  •  Controlling air flow is key to a properly balanced system
  •  Incorrect grilles and registers can create uncomfortable rooms and unwanted noise levels
Equipment Selection
  •  In addition to being properly sized, your comfort system must meet the needs and desires of your family
  •  A system must be CUSTOM DESIGNED to your unique situation in order to be effective.

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