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Gas fireplaces offer you the ambience and convenience you cannot achieve with a traditional wood-burning fire. With a gas fireplace, you can push a button and instantly have a warm and comforting fire.

Here in the Portland area, many homes have gas fireplaces with a variety of looks and materials. Some homeowners choose a more traditional wood-log look and others choose a more contemporary feel with glass. Still, others choose to install a gas fireplace insert, as that option works best for their needs and pocketbook.

If you have been thinking about converting your fireplace to a gas fireplace, give our Columbia NW Heating and Air Conditioning professionals a call. Or if your current gas fireplace requires an upgrade, a repair, or maintenance, we are here to help. Our highly trained professionals do it all.

We Will Help You Whatever Your Style Is

These days, gas fireplaces offer something for everyone—in both style and price. If you would like to convert your traditional fireplace to a gas one, or if you are in the market to upgrade your current gas fireplace, the options are countless. Our professional team can walk you through your choices and then design and assemble a fireplace to best suit your lifestyle and tastes.

If you prefer a more traditional look simulating a wood fire, there are several options for you. On the other hand, if your taste runs to something more creative or out of the ordinary, options exist in both glass and ceramic, giving you a more artistic installation. Gas fireplace inserts offer you the convenience and ambience of a gas fireplace at a lower cost without needing to completely renovate your current fireplace.

With all these design possibilities, there are primarily only three types of gas fireplaces: log sets, inserts, and built-ins. Each type has a list of specific characteristics that may or may not appeal to you and your lifestyle. The best way to decide which is most suited for you is to speak with one of our gas fireplace professionals to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

If you are looking at a lower-cost option, our experts can help you achieve the advantages of a gas fireplace with an insert. Talk to one of our knowledgeable team members if this is a consideration for you.

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We at Columbia NW offer many gas fireplace options as well as repair and maintenance services. No matter what type of gas fireplace need you have in your Portland, OR, home, our experts are always here to help. Contact us today at 503.543.3624 or request service online.

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