Air Conditioner Maintenance in North Plains, OR 97133

“I highly recommend Columbia NW Heating & Air Conditioning and here’s why. After 21 years of flawless performance and only routine maintenance my Trane XE1000 failed to cool my house in late June. I called Columbia NW and scheduled an appointment to trouble shoot the unit. Two days later Nick Jones arrived to take a look. Within 15 minutes Nick had the problem diagnosed. Low Freon charge. During the preparation to leak seal and recharge the unit Nick was very professional and friendly. Being an involved home owner I asked Nick a number of questions about A/C systems and future replacement. He was informative and enthusiastic about various choices without using any of the scare tactics. He also answered questions concerning the heater, water heater, and told me about the Reme-Halo Air Purification System. Nick is the kind of service tech you want working on your heating and A/C systems.”

– Dana D.