Zone Control System Installation in Portland, OR 97267

“Installing a heater and A/C is a straight forward request, right? Not when the house is historic and needs retrofitting to accomodate ducting and runs for electricity and condenser lines….all while respecting the historic integrity of the home. Wait….it got even harder for the install Technicians! They also had to work around the sensitivity of three dogs and the human occupants and walk on eggshells to ensure the newly refinished, hundred year old wood floors were not damaged. WOW….Columbia NW Heating is above and beyond in every manner possible. The install is perfection in performance and cosmetically invisible. Not a speck of dust was left behind and they TRULY left my beloved historic home in better condition than they found it !!!!! The utility cost is laughably lower with the new damper controlled system and multiple thermostats. The technology was way over my head….but ultimately I signed the contract because the total price was very reasonable and I felt purely comfortable and trusting of the CNW Representative, Dave…who explained the high tech computerized system in a way I could absorb. The lead installer, Charles was a delight to have in our home and showed such extreme care and courtesy throughout the install. It was a privilege to work with this company and hope Home Depot maintains this relationship with Columbia NW forever!!!!!”

– Burton P.