Clean Your Ducts!

Wiping down the heater vent

Air ducts snake through your walls, distributing conditioned air in your Portland home. When dust or mold is introduced to your ducts, it also gets circulated throughout your house and eventually into your nostrils. Scary, right? That’s why you should check your ducts for any contaminants. If your ducts appear dirty, you should have them cleaned.

How Dirty Is Dirty?

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you should clean your ducts if any of the criteria below apply to your ducts: 

• Water leakage/mold

If you had a leak that got into your ducts, you may have standing water left over, which contributes to mold and mildew growth. If you find any dampness in your ducts, and especially if you find patches of mold, call Columbia NW Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule a cleaning ASAP.

• Rodent/insect infestation

Mouse and rat droppings can carry illnesses. They can also be harmful for people with asthma or allergies. Similarly, cockroaches can exacerbate respiratory disorders and carry diseases from the sewer. If you’ve had to share your home with either pest, consider getting your ducts cleaned. Rodent/insect waste probably still exists in your ducts and should be removed.

• Home renovation

Let’s say you’re getting your Oregon home renovated. During construction, flurries of dust and debris fly up into the air and enter the ducts. The reason many contractors wear facial masks is to protect their lungs from the construction airborne particles. You should protect yourself as well by having all the excess dirt removed from your ductwork.

• Cigarette smoke

The tar and ash from cigarettes make their way into your ducts. This significantly lowers air quality and allows the smell to be circulated. Having your ducts cleaned improves this factor.

How Are They Cleaned?

Ducts are cleaned very thoroughly, with no spot left untouched. The first step is getting all of the harmful particles loosened from the ducts; the second is getting them out. To loosen the particles, our professionals use brushes to scrub each side of the walls. They then use a long vacuum to extract every bit of dust.

During a typical visit, your indoor air quality expert will clean the following:

• Air filter

• Drain pan

• Blower motor

• Coils

• Heat exchanger 

• Grill

• Register

How Do I Schedule a Visit?

Great question! If you live in or around Portland, OR, our Columbia NW Heating & Air Conditioning professionals would love to give your air ducts the red carpet treatment. Call us at 503-543-3624 or request service online for more information about air duct cleaning or to make an appointment.

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