Gas Fireplaces––Staying Safe

Gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces, as you may already know, are a great way to keep warm. If you feel like cozying up next to a fire, all you have to do is pull the switch or push the button, sit back, and relax. You won’t have to feel guilty about costly bills or pollution; gas fireplaces burn at 90 percent efficiency.

Although they aren’t the real deal, they provide at least as much heat as a wood fire. They’re clean, customizable, and easy to use. Any appliance having an open flame, however, should be treated with caution. Our team at Columbia NW Heating & Air Conditioning put together this list to help you and your family stay safe.

Safety Tips

Let a professional install it.

You shouldn’t attempt to put it in by yourself. Working with gas outlets is best left to an experienced-and-knowledgable technician.

Have a safety pilot installed.

This nifty device offers you serious protection. If your flame starts producing carbon monoxide, the gas automatically shuts off. The technical term for a safety pilot is the oxygen-depletion sensor. If it senses anything that could cut off your oxygen supply, it stops the flame.

Invest in carbon monoxide detectors.

Though gas fireplaces are rarely linked to carbon monoxide leaks, you should purchase a detector if you have any gas appliances. Detectors are cheap and could save your life.

Keep children away from it.

The glass doors and metal framing around your fireplace becomes molten hot to the touch. To protect children from burns, be sure they steer clear.

Keep all items three or more feet away.

There’s always a risk of the fire spreading. To keep your house from being scorched, don’t allow any flammable materials near the fireplace.

Keep the fireplace damper open during use.

This properly ventilates your fireplace. If carbon monoxide particles are created, they won’t leak into your home.

Open a window.

To remedy any oxygen depletion potentially taking place during a fire, give the room some fresh air.

Pay attention to any unusual odors.

If your fireplace emits a funny scent, and/or is producing odd-looking flames, turn it off and call a technician. If you smell gas, leave your house immediately and call 911.

Have it inspected annually.

Having a technician look at your fireplace once a year ensures your safety and keeps your fireplace running efficiently.

Safety Inspections

During the appointment, our technician will clean the logs, embers, glass, fan, and circulation passages. He or she will also check for any obstructions in your vents and replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector if necessary. 

Our Columbia NW professionals offer maintenance services for gas fireplaces in Beaverton, OR, and surrounding regions. Call us today at 503-543-3624 for more information or schedule a service call online.

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